Tuesday, November 19, 2013


We are not alien. 

We are human who love the land and the people of it.

We are not extraterrestrial.

We are beings that persevere despite adversity.

United we worked, to build this great country...

Yes, together... your grandfather and mine stood side by side,

Elevating the wondrous structures...

Our future world, as weight on their backs..

Visions of a deeper infrastructure intact.

We are not alien.

I am not voice without reason

I bid no ill will...

Nor commit any treason.

An "alien" number like "social",

Oh, it bears nine numbers,

But look at the words and all that they cover.

You are not alien,

I've seen you before..

Planting flowers in gardens,

Fighting through wars.

We are not alien. 

We are human who love the land and the people of it,

As diverse as the soil, with all its composites

Together we nourish and build this great land,

Heart to heart

Hand in hand

Let us start with where we stand

Hand to heart

Heart to hand

Divided we fall

United we stand.


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Welcome to my blog...the couch in my mind, where things may be controversial, intense, emotional...It's a room that encompasses all emotions. I seek in theory a perfect world. In theory, the world in its literal definition is perfect. Thank you for listening and sharing.

 Thomas Hobbs wrote on man and speech, why we find it so necessary to have such elaborate speech (languages). The calls of similar species across the world are the same, while man kinds is so vast. I understand the signification of speech, "constituted" by words.

The U.S constitution is defined as "The work of many minds, the U. S. Constitution stands as a model of cooperative statesmanship and the art of compromise".

Then let us do as such.

My family suffers, and I don't mean my immediate family. I refer to us all who carry this cross, lifted above our shoulders, despite the aching pain...wondering if we shall ever sit at the commune table and break bread again. I, like many others know only the United States of America. I, like my ailing brother who is in need of psychiatric care, yet sits in confinement while he awaits deportation only know America.

We are the United states of America, for how can you begin to tell the story of our forefathers, the many of doctrines, the many defining points of these United States with our omittance? It cannot be done.

I write not just to President Obama, but to all council of citizens. My parents, as well as many of your ancestors embarked upon a journey to the United States of America, as one would pursue a long lost love. What is so foul about that intent? If a man swims the seas to behold a woman that he chooses to love, honor and cherish...do we not weep in love and admiration? What is so foul about his intent?

I write this letter because I weep for my brother, and my many brothers and sisters. I weep for the States of America that forgo United. Let us sit in commune and once again construct a model of cooperative statesmanship that signifies the art of a most beautiful compromise.

This letter was sent to the white House and to the Department of State.

Thank you for listening. Thank you for sharing.